Bali Beach Wedding

WEDDING 24 September 2013
Nina & Kim Patrick

“The New Secret Beach“

Our search for the ideal beach wedding location was successful: We found the “P Beach” (and are not writing the full name so P Beach remains secret and private, almost exclusively used by Bali Rainbow Weddings).

P Beach is located in Bali’s South and is as private as you can get it.   No tourists or locals gaping, the village provides Security and cleans the beach, easy car access is guaranteed – so no long walks in the wedding gowns under the boiling Bali sun. Even a set of small bars provides cold drinks.

Sure this is still a public beach, and let’s not forgets that we (and the couple and their family and friends) are guests on this beautiful island; but occasional beach walkers are led around and behind the wedding location without the couple even noticing.

Looks as though we found the right “secret” beach

Nina and Kim-Patrick enjoyed the location very much, and confirmed over and over again, that “this is exactly as we imagined it”.

Btw, it was the first time that we asked a new celebrant to guide our couple through the Blessed Ceremony – and Mr B. did it superbly!

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