Bali Wedding

David & Sally Wedding

11 November 2013

Where is the Pastor?

That is what can happen when your location is “secret” and some of the involved parties have trouble finding it: The pastor was nowhere to be seen! L

Everything was prepared, the P Beach was secured and clean, the fresh flower decoration and further set up was done by the florist company, the photographers had arrived and had started shooting, and the Civil Registrar from Denpasar Town Hall was present.  But we, the team of Bali Rainbow Weddings, got extremely nervous because of the pastor’s no-show at the agreed time.

No problem, just call him on his mobile and ask him whether he is on the way, right?   Wrong, because P Beach is situated below a cliff so that there is absolutely no mobile signal at all!

When 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony, no pastor had made appearance, our team leader decided to drive up the cliff to a higher point where he would have mobile connection hoping that he could get the pastor on the phone.   But: The pastor was not online!

So our team leader – panic building up – phoned the Protestant Church Administration and asked about the whereabouts of Pastor M.   But he is on the way, was the Admin’s answer after succeeding to trace him at home – the office was closed already.

However, no pastor to be seen, and also no way to contact the BRW team down at the beach.   After  a total of 30 min of trying to get any reliable information about Pastor M, the team leader gave up and already prepared Plan B – rescheduling the wedding for the upcoming week (because the couple stayed for another fortnight).

When returning to the beach, a wonderful scene presented itself to him: The wedding ceremony was in full blow, and the pastor was just finishing it giving the couple his final blessing!   Tons of rocks fell from the team leader’ shoulders – and Plan B didn’t have to be activated J

So, what had happened?   Pastor M. had been at P Beach meeting point (about 500m away from the wedding location) in good time, but did not know where to go now.   Since it was the first time he was commissioned to do neither a beach wedding for the Protestant Church he didn’t know where to go exactly and who to ask for directions – and he couldn’t contact neither the Church Administration nor our company for further instruction for lack of mobile signal.   Finally, however, somebody helped him out; the pastor must have looked desperate and forlorn, and guided him to our very “secret” wedding venue.   Phew!

Lesson for us: Explain even better to the pastor where to go, who to ask, and to move north after arriving at the meeting point.

Oh ya, David and Sally took it with humour and understanding and were very happy with their simple, romantic and elegant wedding at P Beach, and as all other couples so far, they confirmed: “Exactly as we imagined it!”   (Well except for the pastor scare …)

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