Niqy & Lily SIN

Bali Wedding Testimonial, Bali Wedding Organizer

“Dear Bali Rainbow Weddings


What else is there to say?! You both & all the team are simply amazing.

Thank you so much for giving us the wedding of our dreams. We never dreamed it could’ve been this perfect, simple beauty and elegant.

Planning a wedding from out of town all the way from Singapore to Bali was tiring at times but you all made it happen. You were always there with comforting Emails, Text, Skype or just a cheerful voice on the other end of a phone call.

I remember when we both browsing through and finding the best affordable and wonderful wedding planners in Bali, where there we found your organisation and called up to tell you that we would like to hire you as our wedding planners for our special day.

We were super excited and looked forward to it with nervous and jitters! Thereafter our first “in person” meeting, we were ecstatic! We knew that we had made the right decision back then and even more so now.

The whole wedding weekend from 15th October 2014 where we both touched down in Bali and checked in at the beautiful Villa Kaira – which is where our wedding event took place and which was perfect on 17th October 2014. We were overwhelmed.

We also give thanks to those who attended and loved ones family and friends for being there traveling up all the way to Bali and witnessed our special day! We were so touched, happy and so we were so thankful having all of you in our life!

Thank you both partners for all of your hard work and attention to detail being so patient & tolerant. You all are truly special and have a real gift from God, so glad we found you.

Our short honeymoon in Bali was amazing, peace and friendly environment, and hopefully we can still keep in touch.

You are wonderful, and we are so lucky to have had you with us during the whole process and on our big day.

Having Berry as the professional photographer with so much tender care, loving atmosphere and stunning photos we were blown away. We will never forget it!

The day was magical: We will always remember walking down the aisle and with the American pastor waiting for us together with our loved ones! And before, seeing my wife Lily and you discussing the final touches of the setting and the reception – and myself hiding and looking out from a “sneak peek” – my eyes filling up with tears of amazement and joy. I was overwhelmed!

None of it would’ve been possible without you, the Team of Bali Rainbow Weddings, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We love you, Bali Rainbow Weddings, and can’t thank you enough for everything!


Niqyliynzes & Lily Banse”

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