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Mark & Arif GER+ID

Bali Rainbow Weddings, Bali Wedding, Bali Beach Wedding
Ich bin ein deutscher Romeo und dies war mein Traum: Ich wollte meinen indonesischen Romeo heiraten. Aber wo, und wie? chenlang habe ich gesucht bis ich über einen Freund von Bali Rainbow Weddings hörte.
Heiraten in Indonesien … auf Bali – aber warum eigentlich nicht?
Trotzdem hatte ich viele Zweifel.

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Wedding Ceremony Bali

WEDDING 10 December 2013
Christoph & Coco

“Please St Peter, spare us the rain!“

It was a risk – but no risk no gain, and no fun J

The days before C+C’s wedding saw heavy precipitations; we are in the rainy season after all.   And The Weather Channel informed us: 60% scattered thunderstorms.   Not very encouraging …

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Guide to Wedding in Bali (Part 2)

Venues for Wedding Ceremonies

In Part 1 of the BRW Blog to Wedding in Bali we introduced the theme ‘Wedding in Bali’ to our followers, and gave first insight into:

  1. Types of Wedding Ceremonies, and
  2. Wedding Locations

Part 2 will now take a closer look into the manifold Bali wedding venues currently available and recommendable.   However, the below selection of dedicated wedding venues is this Wedding Planner’s personal and opinionated choice; it does not aspire to be complete or impartial.   Thus, we extend our apologies to the wedding chapel managements whose venues are not listed here; if you feel your wedding destination deserves mentioning in this article series, you are very welcome to contact us under below email address. Continue reading


Guide to Wedding in Bali

(by the BA Wedding Planner)
Bali, the magical island of the Gods, and preferred wedding destination for lots of lovers from all over the world.

But: How does this work, getting married in Bali?   Is it difficult, or even easy?   What are the basic requirements, and what do I have to take into account when I plan my wedding to be carried out here in Bali?

In this series of initially four articles, the BA Wedding Planner will help you, readers of the Bali Advertiser, to understand the principles of a Wedding in Bali, and we will explain all necessary steps so your wedding will be absolutely wonderful and memorable.

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