Wedding Ceremony Bali

WEDDING 10 December 2013
Christoph & Coco

“Please St Peter, spare us the rain!“

It was a risk – but no risk no gain, and no fun J

The days before C+C’s wedding saw heavy precipitations; we are in the rainy season after all.   And The Weather Channel informed us: 60% scattered thunderstorms.   Not very encouraging …

So on the day before the wedding, Christoph and the BRW Team changed profession and became weather forecasters: Will we have sunshine tomorrow, against all odds and climate routines?  We stick to the wedding on P Beach at 5pm, or shall we take it safe and sound and conduct the wedding at the couple’s villa?

In the end, see above, we agreed to take a risk.

And?  Thunderstorms, hail, taifoons, etc.?

Nothing of the kind: Brilliant sunshine, a few pure-white clouds: the perfect weather for a perfect wedding!

In the Pre-Wedding Meetings, Coco had requested to change the standard set-up of the beach wedding decoration.   The BRW Team (“Let’s see what we can do”) didn’t disappoint: “The new set-up is wonderful, exactly as we thought!”   And Coco’s flower wreath – in lieu of the altar’s centre piece – led to multiple exclaims of approval from the family members.

After 40 minutes of solemn ceremony conducted by the Protestant pastor and the Denpasar registrar, Christoph and Coco left the beach as ‘Husband and Wife’.   And yes, a few tears of emotion – but also lots of joy and happiness J

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